• A good bedding must be organic, absorbent and easy to work with.
  • Magic® Worm Bedding is made from a special sphagnum peat moss base, an organic fibrous material which will hold up to twenty times it's own weight in moisture.
  • Color darkens worms so they are closer to natural fish food colors.
  • The spongy, fluffy structure of Magic® Worm Bedding is maintained because it is made of millions of tiny fibers that also work to toughen and condition worms so they will live longer on the hook and catch more fish.
  • When the bedding becomes black, it is full of worm castings and needs to be replaced. Then you can use this natural humus as an excellent potting soil.

Magic® Worm Bedding
No. 100-24oz. Bag
No. 101-72oz. Bag
No. 102-25 lb.Ctn.
No. 103-3 lb.Ctn.
No. 104-6 lb.Ctn.

  • The original worm food with over 30 years of research and testing supporting it.
  • Magic® Worm Food contains the right combination of 32 different proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates all essential to a worm's proper feeding.
  • After a couple of weeks the food value of all beddings will be diminished and food needs to be added.
  • Try Magic® Worm Food on your lawn and garden, too. By scattering worm food on all your soil you can increase the earthworm population for bait and improve the soil.
Magic® Worm Food

No. 106 - 4 oz. Bag
No. 107 - 12 oz. Bag

No. 124 - 24 oz. Canister

  • Contains everything needed to store fresh, tough, vigorous worms.
  • Just add clean water, keep cool and this bedding will guarantee clean, fresh bait for your fishing pleasure.
  • Each pack contains complete instructions on how to use.
  • This bedding is second to none. Try it and you will agree.
  • No. 5802 - 2 lb. bag
  • No. 5804 - 4 lb. bag
  • No. 5824 - 24 lb. bulk pack

Brown Bear® Worm Bedding

BUSS BED-DING is the original worm bedding.  It provides a complete habitat for your fishing bait.  Night crawlers, garden worms and red worms kept in Buss Bed-ding are always clean, fresh, lively and full of fish catching flavors.

  • No. 0002   2 lb. bag
  • No. 0005   5 lb. bag
  • No. 0025  25lb. carton


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